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Are you looking for unique, alternative and unforgettable guided tours in Stockholm in the company of a certified tourist guide? Are you looking for tours that are not based on stacking of dates, names and references?  Would you like to explore Stockholm and its surroundings with a guide who is able to describe the city in unexpected ways?

If you answered yes to these three questions, we are pleased to inform you that your search is over!

StockholMania Tours is an agency founded in 2014, based in Stockholm, which organizes guided tours of Stockholm and its surroundings. We as guides are: modern, extremely knowledgeable and multifaceted. Everything is always organized around our guests whishes and needs. 

Our philosophy is to strive to show the city in the least touristy way possible, combining the classical and must see destinations with unusual places and views that not even the residents themselves may be aware about. We tell stories, anecdotes, curiosities from the past and the present. During our guided tours you will be given an insight into the ways of living in Stockholm as well as in Sweden in general, from both positive and negative perspectives. To get to know the Swedish society and it’s unique, sometimes maybe even unusual, traditions is to get to know the Swedish people from different points of views

If we have intrigued you to take part in one of our tours: have a closer look at our range of tours and book us today!

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