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Stockholmania Tours

StockholMania Tours is the first project of it’s kind in Stockholm, officially born in June 2014 from an idea by Federico Puggioni, licensed Stockholm tour guide “for travellers” in Italian, with a passion for everything concerning the history of the Swedish capital and it’s surroundings.  

StockholMania Tours offer guided tours of the city of Stockholm and it’s surroundings.  Tours and excursions outside the city, visits to the main museums and attractions of the Swedish capital, as well as numerous other tourist and logistic services. All this while always guaranteeing a very high quality level!

The key words of our work, as well as life philosophy, are humility, honesty and transparency. We always put quality before quantity, all with the purpose to give you the best experience possible.

If you like to get to know us better, please check out the texts below!

Who do we adress?

We address guests who are curious and ready to immerse themselves in the real life of Stockholm, and Sweden. Guests who are ready to admire its beauty and evaluate the negative aspects with a critical eye. People who are not satisfied with the superficiality and monotony of old fashion tourist guides. People who long for an experience  that offer more than just the basic information, now available everywhere. Guests who are looking for unknown details, sometimes even hidden from the citizens themselves. 

If you recognize yourself in this description, StockholMania Tours is the perfect choice!

The Guides

Picture of Emma


Authorized guide in English and Swedish.

Picture of Federico


Authorized guide in Italian.

Picture of Isabelle


Authorized guide in Italian and French.


our key concept

  • AUTHENTICITY. Stockholm is the protagonist of our guided tours. We, the guides, keep a low profile: we only give our voices to the many stories and life destinies, and try to do so from the least touristy perspective possible.
  • KNOWLEDGE. We like to travel Stockholm far and wide. We know this city inside out but we never get tired of discovering and exploring new and hidden corners. Getting excited about its stories, anecdotes and curiosities. All however with the awareness that there’s two sides to every coin.  
  • DISCRETION. We try to accompany our guests in the most delicate and least intrusive way possible, without prominence, always ensuring maximum professionalism and courtesy.
  • AVAILABILITY. We guarantee maximum flexibility: the wishes and needs of our guests always come first.
  • MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE SECTOR. StockholMania Tours is not a project born by chance. It is synonymous with years of knowledge and practise in the field. We have had the opportunity to offer our services to many different types of customers: families, groups of friends, large tour operators, travel and incentive agencies, institutions, television crews and important newspapers.
  • TAX ETHICS. We are proud to carry out our project without tricks: we apply the most suitable rates for the Swedish market. We always provide an invoice or regular tax receipt for all types of our services. Value added tax is always included in the total price amount. 
  • PASSION. Passion is the main element of our work, the one from which everything was born. Our passion is what fuel our enthusiasm and permeates everything we do. 
  • QUALITY. We are offering a precise and effective service, paying a particular attention to even the smallest details. Nothing is left to chance: organizaion and reliability distinguish our work. We also try to be a sure point of reference for our guests, in all phases of our services: before, during and after the tours.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. We always try to respect the city and the environment, for example by organizing our tours mainly on foot or with Stockholm’s efficient means of public transportation.   
  • MODERN STYLE. We are a team of modern and multifaceted guides able to tell stories in an innovative, complete and pedagogical way, thanks to our countless interests and passions. Our tours connect the historical past with the way of living and thinking in the current Swedish society. We highlight its strengths and criticise its defects, ensuring that everyone can discover this corner of Europe from different points of view.

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