Stockholm and Sweden
elucidation of histories untold

A warm and witty Stockholm tour guide

Do you long for an exclusive private guided tour accompanied by a qualified Stockholm tour guide? Stop searching because here she is! 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve let myself being carried away by histories and life destinies. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by Swedish history and have had an inherent desire to constantly provide myself with new knowledge. Through my role as a guide, I have the fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge with others!

I grew up in a small town, Kalmar, located in the southern parts of Sweden along the seabank of the Baltic Sea. Meaning, water has been a constant through my entire life and I can’t imagine living without the proximity to the sea and the sense of freedom that awakens within me when I look out over an endless horizon.

From a very early age, I harbored a feeling of reaching something grander than what my hometown could offer, probably nurtured by my interests in histories and life destinies more grand than my own. From there I imagined that this could be achieved if I just settled down in a bigger city. But only the biggest were good enough, therefore the sights were set on Stockholm.  

After having graduated from Upper Secondary School I packed up my belongings, settled down in Stockholm and began my academic journey at the University of Stockholm. Still nurturing my interest in History I decided to major in that field combined with a major in Art History. Studying in the field humanities at the Swedish universities equals freedom of study under your own responsibility as there are very few scheduled study hours  per week. Therefore I had the privilege to be able to set aside time to explore Stockholm. I’m very fond of taking long walks so I literally walked up and down the streets of Stockholm to get a feel of the different neighborhoods and their unique character. As someone who did not grow up in Stockholm, I have thus had the advantage of having experienced Stockholm from a travelers perspective.

But then back to the academic education, what to do with a major in History and Art History? I practically was brought up at the local historical museum in my hometown, my grandmother worked there and I often visited her. Running around in the exhibitions, enticed by the mystique connected to the objects exhibited and the life destinies presented. It was there and then my desire of one day work as a guide was established.

That wish finally came true in summer 2014 when I got to work as a guide at Strömma Kanalbolag, a company that offers guided tours in the Archipelago of Stockholm aboard antique Steamboats. While working as an archipelago guide for four years, my love for the sea was combined with my passion in history. It turned out to be the perfect combination!

My philosophy as a guide is to offer personalized and original guided tours in an entertaining way without compromising the quality. During my guided tours I alternate major historical features with voices of individuals, in order to create a feeling of what it might have been like to live in Stockholm during different historical periods. With a sense of humor, warmth and knowledge, I rave about Stockholm in the past and the people that came to shape the city. 

In short, what I offer in my guided tours is something completely different compared to the classical guided tours we’ve all been to at some point and my whish is that you leave the guided tour with a sense of excitement and the urge to learn more.

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