Stockholm and Sweden
elucidation of histories untold
Visite guidate nei musei di Stoccolma

Guided tours of museums and main attractions in stockholm

Our guided tours of Stockholm’s museums revolve around history, culture, art architecture and traditions of Stockholm and beyond.

We are talking about a story that has it roots over 600 years ago: since then much has clearly changed and much has been lost. Just think about the urban revolutions, or the lack of foresight of the institutions, or the sometime to pragmatic nature of Swedish society: all elements that has often gone against the historical and artistic heritage.

In relatively recent years, however, the historical and artistic past has begun to be given the light it deserves. Most of the museums and main attractions of the city are excellent for the passage of various eras: we start of from the Medieval Ages, we pass through the glorious “age of the empire”, we pass through the poverty of the 1800s to finally arrive at the extraordinary modernization that took place during the 20th century. 

StockholMania Tours provides a rich range of tours and guided visits to Stockholm’s museums and main attractions. To experience Stockholm together with a private tour guide will undobtedly give added value to the experience. In an easy and fun way, using simple but comprehensive language, we make visits even more interesting and instructive:  which is the reson why our tours are suitable for everyone! Families, group of friends or colleagues, students on educational trips and tour operators.

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