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Stockholm in 3 days

The ‘Stockholm in 3 days’ itinerary is ideal for those of you planning to visit Stockholm for a long weekend, or perhaps for a week, and who wish to alternate between guided visits and days on your own. This itinerary combines open-air walks in the main districts of Stockholm with visits to some of the city’s most important and historically significant attractions. The tour also includes a panoramic boat tour, during which you will get to admire the beauty of the city from another perspective. 

This tour offer the perfect mixture of history, culture and entertainment making sure you will leave Stockholm without being left with the feeling that you’ve missed out on anything.  

Below you’ll find the proposed itinerary divided into days. The order of days and visits are interchangeable depending on requirements, wishes and opening/closing hours of the attractions.

To calculate the total price of our ‘Stockholm in 2 days’ itinerary, simply fill in the form on this page. The price includes all entrance fees to attractions and museums.


day one

  • a guided walk through the city districts of Stockholm, and a visit at the covered market, Östermalmshallen;
  • a guided tour of The Grand Cathedral;
  • a guided tour at the Vasa Musem or the open-air museum Skansen.

day two

  • a guided tour at The City Hall, Stockholms Stadshus;
  • a metrostation art tour.

day three

  • a guided tour of the Royal Palace or the Drottningholm Palace;
  • a panoramic boat tour (on your own, with an audioguide in English).


The itinerary “Stockholm in 3 days” includes walking tours through the main city districts and in-door guided tours. Public transportation will be used (bus, metro or boat) or – if required- taxi. It's possible to hire a bus for larger groups. Contact us for more information.

The itinerary "Stockholm in 3 days" is private: meaning, the guide will be at your exlusive disposal. However, if you would like to share one or more visits with other participants please tick the box in the form  on this page: and we will try to find other interested travel companions. If so, we will apply a discounted rate; vice versa, we will grant you the private tour at the agreed price.


13 hours.


Medium. Contact us for more information.


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*We will contact you in any case: if you do not receive a response from us within a few days, check the spam folder of your e-mail or resend your request. 

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