Stockholm and Sweden
elucidation of histories untold
Tour tematici - Thematic tours

thematic tours

Our thematic tours are mainly socio-cultural and artistic-orientated itineraries, designed to introduce Stockholm and Sweden from perspectives such as: society, politics, traditions, art, architecture and cultural phenomenas in general. The thematic tours are modeled to get as close as possible to the daily lifes of different periodical eras and city areas in an authentic way. By framing our tours in such a way, the content allways follow a common thread. 

These guided tours extends far beyond the regular tourist circuits presenting either the city or it’s surroundings and combines key places with slightly more unusal specific topics, still of general interest. 

The thematic tours are recommended for those who wish to discover different realities from new perspectives, while maintaining a content-wise accessibility. This is what makes theese tours truly sutiable for everyone: families, groups of friends and colleagues, institutions and schools.

High SOCIEty, politics and CULTURal heritage

Our thematic tours about high society, politics and cultural heritage tells us of lifestyles, philosophy, the cultural and social evolution of Sweden, but in particular, of the City of Stockholm.  These tours is a way to get an insight in how the daily life of the most affluent in society to the most vulnerable put out over the centuries. Comparing the life situation between the most affluent in society to the most vulnerable ,  allows you to explore certain issues by analyzing differences in living standards. In this sense, these thematic tours give a broader picture of what Stockholm, and Sweden, have looked like during centuries gone by.

These themtic tours takes place both in and outside the city center. We will visit the most magnificent buildings in Stockholm while at the same time experience the enormous differences of the rich and the poor, presented in the former working class areas as well as rural country houses.

swedish traditions and folklore

What would a country be like without its traditions and myths? Traditions and myths are not a consistent though, they get reshaped and changed over time. One thing is certain though, like man, traditions are not an isolated island. They are the result of encounters between cultural phenomonen of different cultural origin. Cultural phenomonens that emerge and turn into new myths and traditions.

Everything is clear testimony of various historical eras, like Christmas Celebration- changed over the years Santa Claus- christmas trees. 

StockholMania Tours leads you to discover  ideas conserning traditions and folklore that have shaped the city as well as the citizens way of living.