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all about stockholm

The tour of Stockholm and it's main districts

Our tour “All About Stockholm” is dedicated exclusively to the main districts of our extrodinary Swedish capital, this guided tour with the city center as its theme can be customised to suit your time and needs.

“All about Stockholm” is the ideal tour to start with if you like to get to know the essence of the city. Through our clear and anecdotal accounts, you will get an excellent insight into history, traditions, lifestyles, politics, economy, society, art and architecture. All this in an entertaining but yet not trivial way. All this while strolling in total relaxation through the city streets, admiring its peculiarities and discovering its most symbolic places, but above all those hidden and almost unknown glimpses that makes this city unique and inimitable

On this page you can book a visit to all the main districts by choosing between  a 4, 6 or 8 hour guided walk (the longer tours can be spread over two days on request).

If, on the other hand you wish to visit a neighorhood and have a more indeph experience , take a closer look at  this page .

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All district tours take place on foot and, if necessary, by public transportation.

This is a private tour: meaning the guide will be at your exclusive disposal. However, if you like to share your tour with other participants please tick the box in the form on this page and we will try to find other interested fellow travelers. If so, we will apply discounted rate; vice versa, we will guarantee you the private guided tour at the agreed price.


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