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Walking Tour of Stockholm's Old Town

guided tour of Gamla Stan


The island of Stadsholmen and Riddarholmen constitute the cradle of Stockholm, the geographical and historical core of the city, Gamla Stan. It all began here, between the shores of the Baltic Sea and lake Mälaren. Banks framing a medieval quarter, the best perserved in Europe, which still shows traces of what Stockholm, and Sweden, used to look like back in ancient times. 

A particularly lively island, with a fairytale like atmosphere that hints of perfume as a reminicense of centuries past by. With its small craft shops, typical bars and cafes, Gamla Stan is a must-see during a stay in Stockholm. A district of undoubted historical, artistic and architectural importance not to be missed!

The guided tours of Gamla Stan lasts for 2 hours, approximately, if you choose the introductory version. If you opt for a more detailed tour, the tour will last for 3 hours. Theese are routes, combining the histories hidden in the network of narrow alleys with detailed information, curiosities and anecdotes, related to current Swedish society.

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2 or 3 hours.


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    This tour is private: the guide will be at your exclusive disposal. However, if you would like to share this visit with other participants, select the box below: we will try to find other interested travel companions. If so, we will apply you a discounted rate; vice versa we guarantee you the private tour at the agreed price.

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