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The yellow tour

Making lists of names and dates, without any logical sense does not occur during our tours. Instead we are striving for  With the “Yellow Tour” we tell the story of the city in a simple, light and never boring way, so it is a tour truly suitable for everyone: couples, families with children, groups of friends and larger groups. The tour is also optimized for cruise passengers making a stop in Stockholm during a Baltic cruise.

During our “Yellow Tour” we will bring you on a day-long journey exploring the history of Stockholm and Sweden. Through a combination of walks between the city districts and visits to some of the main attractions you will experience the essence of what constitutes Sweden and Stockholm. The Yellow tour offer a perfect mix of city walks and museum visit and is therefor a perfect fit for travelers who wish to learn about the origins of the city, understand its whys and exprience in what ways Stockholm has developed over time. From perspectives such as: geographical, political, economical, and artistical you will be given a full insight in what constitutes and make the history of Sweden and Stockholm unprecedented. 

What’s more, for travel between sites, we use only public transportationas to ad to the feel of experiencing the city in an authentic and direct way. 

To automatically calculate the price of the tour fill out the form on this page. Already included in the price are entrance fees to the various attractions and tickets for the public transportation we will use for travel. 

If intrigued, please take a look at the various sections below for more information and get inspired.


  • Guided walk through the historical city center of Stockholm, Old Town or Gamla Stan: one of the best-preserved medieval quarters in the world, the very cradle of the city and-in many respects-of Sweden as a whole. Here we will walk through the picturesque cobblestone alleys, pass by the main buildings and monuments, and get a glimpse of a few curiosities and hidden corners.
  • Guided tour of Stockholm Cathedral, Storkyrkan. One of the oldest churches in the capital, seat of the bishop and official church of the Swedish Royal Family. Always in symbiosis with the city, it holds some of the most valuable works of art in the city and Swedish landscape: the original wooden statue of St. George and the Dragon, for example. Or the earliest graphic representation of the city of Stockholm that has come down to us.
  • Lunch: at a trusted restaurant or bar will be recommended according to preferences.
  • Guided walk through the city’s most bohemian and scenic neighborhood, Södermalm: An area that has undergone countless transformations and developments, but has managed to retain several traces of authenticity not found in other city neighborhoods. What’s more, located on a ridge, it offers mustsee panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren.
  • Short scenic boat ride.
  • Guided walk to the open-air museum Skansen. At the end of the day, we will visit a unique park: a kind of Sweden in miniature, but with absolutely authentic buildings from all parts of the country. Farms, craft workshops (still in operation!), churches, manor houses…and a zoo of Nordic animals, including reindeer, moose and bears. A relaxing and fun way to discover another piece of Swedish history. 


The “Yellow Tour”includes guided walks through the city districts and guided visits to main attractions. Travel by public transportation (bus, metro and boat) or- if required- by taxi. For larger groups it's possible to hire a bus. 

This itinerary is private, meaning: the guide will be at your exclusive disposal. However, if you would like to share the tour with other participants, please tick the box in the form on this page: and we will try to find other traveler companions. If so, we will apply a discounted rate compared to the listed price.


Full day (maximum 8 hours).


This tour can be optimised for cruise passengers. Remember to specify the name of the ship before sending your request (via the form "Special requests" available on this page).
The price includes all admission tickets and day passes for public transportation!


Medium. Contact us for further information.


Discounted admission compared to the listed price and priority group access for StockholMania Tour guests.


Agreed upon final confirmation of the tour.
Pick up at the port of arrival for cruise passengers, unless otherwise desired.

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StockholMania Tours, in keeping with the increasingly widespread practice in Sweden, does not accept cash payments.

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For each booking, a regular tax receipt will be issued which will be delivered to the booker at the time of payment for the tour, or sent via email to the address provided at the time of booking. 

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